Built Up Roofing

If you are in the process of considering a new roof for your commercial property, Built-Up-Roofing Membranes or Bitumen Roofing can be a great option. Residential Exterior Inc. has experience in installing these types of roofs and we have received great feedback upon results. Continue reading to learn more about how these roofing systems work, how they are installed, and its advantages over other types of roofing!

Built up Bitumen Roofing

How ‘Built up Roofing’ Systems works

Built Up Roofing or also known as, BUR, have been utilized for commercial roofing purposes for over 100 years! It is called a “Built-Up” or Membrane roofing as there are alternating layers of material used to create a sealed and insulated membrane. Odds are you have seen a BUR in the past! They are finished with a layer of gravel and can also be referred to as Tar and Gravel roof.

Layers of a ‘Built-Up-Roofing’

  • Deck Surface- otherwise known as an unfished Roof
  • Insulation Deck- This material is secure in place to be able to handle the material to be placed atop it. This provides some separation from the physical roof and disrupts weight evenly.
  • Insulation- Depending on your buildings need the type of insulation used may vary
  • Roofing/Membrane Asphalt- Layers of rubber roofing membrane are bonded together with roofing asphalt. The number of layers can vary but an industry standard tends to be 4 layers of
  • Gravel- An additional layer of asphalt is laid down followed by gravel that is dispersed evenly. Gravel is used to keep direct sun off the asphalt in addition to it providing some additional insulation and heat dispersion.
  • *Aluminon Finish- Some opt to finish the top of their BUR with an additional layer aluminum as oppose to gravel.

 What to expect with your Built-Up Roof?

Like any roofing solution, “Built Up Roofs” or Bitumen Roofs are designed to insulate and securely keep water out of the building. Due to the strength and resilience of the layers utilized in BUR roofing, this is a great commercial option. With its insulation properties keeping cool air in during the summer and warm air inside during the winter months, a Built-Up-Roof from REI can help lower your heating costs. In addition to saving money, your company will decrease their carbon footprint!

Maintenance and Expected life of a Built-Up-Roofing

If properly installed and maintained, Built-Up-Roofing solutions can last up to 30 years. Checking the roof twice a year and checking for vulnerabilities is recommended. Remove any debris that may have found its way up to the roof and If you notice puddles or low areas, re-distribute gravel. Cleaning gutters and drains is also recommended. If you suspect your BUR is failing or there are areas for concern, consult REI and we can come out to investigate!

Built up Roofing and Residential Exterior Inc.

Residential Exterior Inc. is the southshores first choice when it comes to all things BUR roofing. If you commercial property is looking to upgrade your roofing solutions, give us a call today. We provide free estimates and look to uncover additional areas of improvement to best serve our customers.

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