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How much can a new roof really save your home in heating costs this winter?

A roof is one of those things that often gets overlooked until there’s a big problem. However, there may be issues with your roof that you aren’t even aware of long before it springs a leak or shingles blow off in the wind.

Your home’s roof is what helps insulate and keeps warm air within your home during winter months. An inefficient roof, or a roof that was installed incorrectly, can cost you thousands more in heating costs during the winter months. Continue reading our industry blog highlighting how your roof can help you save.

Basics of How Your Roof effects the Temperature of Your Home

Depending on several factors, your roof impacts the amount of heat that’s either absorbed into your home or not. For example, the color of your roof, the material it is made of, and whether or not it contains certain newer technologies will all impact how hot or cool it is keeping your home. For example, a darker roof will absorb more heat than a lighter-colored roof.

Problems with Inefficient Roofs

If your roof is not helping you keep your home warm in the winter, this will lead to more energy consumption. More consumption means more wear on your heating solution, which leads to more repairs of that system as well. Not only will you be spending more on your heating solution utility bill, but you’ll also end up spending more on that system overall.

How do I know if there is a problem with my roof?

In general, you should expect to replace your roof every 20 to 30 years. If it is within that range (or over), a new roof can certainly help you save on your heating costs.

If timing does not make the decision obvious, then the best way to tell if your roof could be contributing to your climbing heating bill is to compare your usage year over year. Most utility companies store previous bills online, so it should be easy for you to see. While electric costs go up over time, your usage should remain relatively the same – unless, of course, you experienced a change in your household that would make a significant difference.

If you see a major difference in usage year after year, then you should definitely consider having your roof inspected to see if it could be the issue.

REI Roofing can install roofing that will help you save money this winter. Serving a wide area throughout Massachusetts and with multiple years of experience, call REI Roofing today!


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How to Pick the Right Shingle Color

If you’re planning to install a new roof, there are many factors to consider. Besides settling on roofing materials and a contractor to take on your project, there are critical aesthetic choices left to make. Your roof is one of the most prominent and noticeable components of your home, and it lasts the longest. Changing up your roof is not something that you’ll likely do many times, and that’s why you want to do it right. Choosing the right color for your shingles shouldn’t be an afterthought. 

Among other things, the right choice can enhance your property’s curbside appeal. This way, you’ll have a home with a sturdy and reliable roof that also attracts buyers if you ever put it up for sale. If you’re confused about which shade suits your home best, take a look at some of the aspects that should inform your decision-making. 

Siding materials

Take a look at the siding of your home and take note of its color. Shingles give you the opportunity to either complement or contrast the siding materials. Depending on your aesthetic preference, you can choose to make your home stand out from the others with a pop of color. Or you could play it safe with traditional colors such as black, gray, or brown. 

Also, evaluate your home’s architectural style and the kind of aesthetic it conveys. Are you going for a rustic look? Mediterranean? Or a simple colonial style? Take a look at homes that have a similar style for ideas. Factoring this into your decision-making will narrow the overload of choices down significantly. 

Local Ordinances

If you live in a community with a homeowner’s association or in an area with strict preservation laws, it’s crucial to consult the rules before making your choice. Spending money on a costly roof installation isn’t a choice made lightly. It’s worthwhile to make sure you’re not violating any neighborhood standard by choosing the wrong color. 

Local trends

If you don’t live in a neighborhood with any rules on your home’s exterior, take a drive through the area and note the roof colors of other houses, particularly those of your neighbors. How will your color choice look next to theirs? Do all the homes around you have the same color? That’s a good indicator that you might want to consider those colors or complementary shades for your roof. 

Climate Control

The color of your shingles can also contribute to the temperature inside your home. Darker colors absorb heat, causing temperatures indoors to rise. Lighter colors do the opposite; they reflect heat and may help to keep your interior cool. If you live in a warmer climate, you’d be better off choosing lighter colors for your shingles, whereas those in colder climates would benefit from darker colors. 

REI Roofing: Helping Homeowners with deciding on the Best Shingles

Now that you’re aware of the different impacts your roof’s color can have, you can make a more confident decision. REI roofing can help you evaluate your home’s architectural style and siding materials, the exteriors of nearby houses, local ordinances, and climate control. After doing this, you are on your way to make an excellent choice that’ll complete your home’s aesthetic!

Spring Gutter Cleaning
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Cleaning Gutters: Best Practices

With the spring and summer months upon us, there are numerous projects homeowners should have on their “to-do” list. From ensuring decks and patios are structurally sound to reviewing the rest of your home’s exterior, the list goes on. If you are a homeowner, you should be sure that reviewing your homes gutter system is a priority this spring/summer. Continue reading our industry blog on Best practices when cleaning your homes gutter system!

Ladder Safety

When cleaning your gutters, you want to be sure you have a quality ladder that is properly set up. This includes an overall sense of comfort while on the ladder as well. If you don’t feel comfortable on a ladder, you should hire or reach out to a friend, neighbor, or family member who is willing to help you out! Be sure the ladder is set an angle that won’t end up giving out from underneath you and provides a sturdy base to conduct work.

Cleaning the Gutters

We recommend staying on the ladder while clearing debris from your gutters. Some opt to climb onto the roof, but we stay clear of this as kneeling on the edge of a roof can be dangerous. While clearing smaller sections and climbing back down to move the ladder over may take longer, the minimized risk is worth it in our opinion.

Proper equipment

Be sure you have a great pair of gardening gloves prior to getting up to your gutters. These will enable you to grab the leaves, twigs, and other debris with ease. If underneath the section you are cleaning is a manicured part of your yard, you can elect to bring a bucket or plastic bag to hold the debris before disposing of it.

Another great tool to potentially use is a trowel in case the debris has caked itself to the gutters.

Test your gutters

It is important after you clear much of the debris to test out if the system is fully functioning. By bringing a hose up the ladder with you, you can run water until you start seeing it exit the gutters spout. If you cant climb up the ladder with the hose, you can use a spray nozzle and aim it up to where water enters the gutter.

Testing the gutters will also get any additional smaller debris you may have missed when up on the ladder.

REI: Roofing Professionals you can trust

REI roofing understands that a functioning gutter system reduces the risk of numerous potential issues for a homeowner. From water seeping into siding and rotting out wood to undermining foundations, improperly working gutters can be the cause of many concerns. Be sure to clean your gutters this spring and summer and if you notice while you are up on the ladder you could use a new roof, call the experts at REI today!

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