Cedar Wood Siding

REI Roofing is happy to provide the communities in the South Shore & Greater Boston Area with their cedar wood siding installations. Whether it be planks or cedar shingles, for those that love and endure that natural look, nothing can truly match cedar.

REI Roofing uses high-quality cedar wood and has leading siding contractors to make sure each house is protected to the absolute best that they can be. Why choose Cedar Siding and REI? Here are some of the main benefits of cedar wood siding:

  • Beauty: We previously touched on this, but it is the #1 reason that cedar is chosen by people across New England. The unique texture and patterns of cedar is what people love. You can then have siding in a variety of different stains, finishes, and colors.
  • Durability: Cedar protects homes so well because it is naturally water resistant, and protects against decay and insects.

Our certified siding professionals specialize in a handful of siding solutions because we understand each homeowner has their own preference.

Cedar siding may never go completely out of style and the range of applications you can use with it are endless. Our team will walk you through all the possibilities to help make your home look exactly how you want!

For more information about how REI Roofing can help with your cedar wood siding installation please feel free to reach out!

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