Different Types of Skylights!

Skylights offer natural lighting, benefits regarding heating and cooling, and are overall great due to giving one the ability to look at the stars at night while trying to fall asleep. These are all great reasons to consider when considering an installation of skylights. What most people don’t know is that there are a variety of skylights one can choose from. We wanted to showcase some of the options when considering skylights in this blog.

Fixed Skylight

Fixed skylights are generally what people think of hearing the term skylight. These skylights do not have the ability to be opened which is not a bad thing at all. Due to their inability to open, they are seen as the most watertight option when it comes to skylights. Also, because of their simplicity, fixed skylights are generally the cheapest style to install.

Tubular Skylight

Tubular skylights allow you to harness the light from the sun to provide a room or hallway with natural light. A tubular skylight has a dome top that captures the sun’s rays. A tube of reflective material is run through the attic leading to the ceiling below where, what looks like a light fixture, is placed. These do not provide a view of the stars or clouds above but can add a lot of natural lighting while not running up your electric bill. This is a great option for homes with natural lighting issues and for those who are environmentally conscious!

Manual Venting Skylight

These are similar to your Fixed skylight with the exception of it being able to be manually open to let warm air escape and fresh air in. Great for keeping down cooling cost while adding natural lighting and the ability to look at the night sky!

Electronic Venting Skylight

These tend to be the most expensive due to the wiring required. The electronic venting skylight gives you utmost convivence of opening and closing the windows with the press of a button. Some of the nicer models have the ability to close upon the first drop of rain, giving you peace of mind on those humid pre-thunderstorm afternoons. No need to run to the next room to close the skylight!

Residential Exterior Can Help!

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