Spring Siding

Home Exterior & Siding Spring Maintenance

While it seems to be appearing on an inconsistent basis, Spring is in fact here in New England. After the cold winter months, it is best to perform a visual inspection of the exterior of your home. You want to do this to ensure no significant damage has occurred to the point where it needs to be repaired. It is important to be able to make this distinction because some blemishes that may appear minor, may carry a large price tag if gone unchecked. We wanted to write a blog focusing on how to inspect your homes siding and overall exterior this Spring.


If your home has non-vinyl siding and is painting, inspect the areas that may have chipped or peeling. Depending on the severity, this may allow water to damage your home’s siding. Also, be sure to take a close examination of small holes where paint has been chipped. It’s possible that as small critters look for new homes during the spring months, they have found a comfortable place within your home’s siding.

If your home has Vinyl siding, you will want to consider any siding that has cracked due to cold weather or strong winds. Checking for animals who have borrowed applies with vinyl siding as well.

Window and Door Caulking

While this can be done inside your home, the caulking used for doors and windows can be impacted by cold winter months. This can especially be the case if the caulking is older and it was a particularly cold winter. Inspect and determine if the caulking needs to be replaced and this will save you time and money prior to next fall.

Other Areas to inspect

In addition to the siding and caulking, you will want to investigate your homes porches, decks, and patios, and any outdoor railings. The cold temperatures of the winter months can loosen improperly installed railings due to the contraction and expansion of the wood. You will also want to investigate the foundation of patios, decks, and porches in case animals have burrowed or the cold weather has caused structural damage.

Residential Exterior Inc.: Spring Assessment Pros

We receive a lot of phone calls in the spring due to individuals noticing some of the issues highlighted in this blog and the last blog we posted about Spring Time Roofing Check. If you are aware of winter damage that occurred this past winter or suspect your roofing or siding could use a professional evaluation, call the Pro’s at REI roofing today. We can provide an estimate, recommendations, and a variety of solutions that meet your budget.