Ice and Snow Roof

How Ice and Snow Can Impact Your Roof

It’s just about wintertime again. Winter is the season of icy roads, snow on your windshield, and freezing winds that make you rethink whether you want to leave your house. Worse, the snow and ice that winter brings are notorious for damaging roofs. While roofs are designed to hold up to the strongest winds and rains, snow and ice build-up over time can lead to costly damage.

It is important to understand how exactly snow and ice make your roof vulnerable. The more aware you are of your roof’s condition, the quicker you will be to react, and the cheaper your costs will be if a problem suddenly arises. Considering the costs of roof repair and the role you can play in mitigating damage, you should be aware of the following issues:

Ice Dams

An ice dam happens when your downspouts and gutters fill up with ice, and suddenly thawing snow, which melts quicker than ice, has nowhere to drain when springtime comes. The water that slowly builds up on your roof will look for another way to get out, often making its way under the shingles, which can lead to damage inside your home. The ice itself can also lead to gutter damage and can tear the flashing off of your roof. 


Ice and snow weigh a lot, and they can create stress on your roof as layer after layer accumulates. If too much ice and snow gather on your roof, it can lead to extensive roof damage and even cave-ins. Rainwater can also freeze and lead to large ice blocks that gather, causing further stress and weight on your roof. One square-foot of snow that is one-inch deep weighs around a pound. Depending on the size of your roof and the amount of snow, a substantial amount, for example, one foot of snow, can cause thousands of pounds of stress on your roof. 

Freeze and Thaw

Cracks can occur because of the accumulation of snow and ice. Water that seeps into cracks on your roof, no matter how small, can lead to disaster. Water expands when it freezes, making the cracks bigger and creating a bigger risk for your roof. Cracks in your roof can lead to leaks as ice thaws, and the cracks in your roof grow. Small cracks that expand can also cause the shingles to move, which leads to more leaks and more problems for your house. 

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