Insulated Siding FAQ’s

There are a lot of things homeowners don’t know about the place they live. You might not know the history of who lived in your home before you, or even the time period in which the house was built. For that reason, some things might need touching up or fixing. Another thing many don’t know is whether or not their roof features insulated siding. Many homes are starting to feature insulated siding, but owners aren’t aware of its role in the home’s upkeep.

Let’s start with the question on a lot of homeowner’s minds.

What is Insulated Siding?

Insulated siding is the vinyl siding of the 1950s, but supercharged with permanent laminate or insulation. Most siding consists of two layers, one of resin or polyvinyl, and the second made from titanium dioxide for UV protection. Insulated siding adds another layer, ensuring the roof controls temperature more precisely.

Does Insulated Siding Make your House More Environmentally Friendly?

Insulated siding is an important step in making buildings “green.” The installation of insulated siding allows for reduced energy costs, as well as better air in the home. Pollution isn’t hard to creep in through a poorly insulated roof, especially one without work done on it for years. The insulated siding is breathable, allowing for water vapor to escape and eliminate the threat of excess moisture, which leads to mold or rotting shingles. The breathability of a home with insulated siding is easy to note, and it’s a great way to excel the quality of your home.

Is Insulated Siding Expensive?

Every siding material is different, and each color and quality of insulated siding is different as well. Luckily, the trend of installing insulated siding has made more manufacturers interested in its creation, which drives down costs compared to a few years ago. It’s a wonderful feature for the roofing market, and sure, there are some finer built insulated sidings that can cost more than traditional vinyl siding. That being said, a lot more options are available now, and can help you get insulated siding without spending an arm and a leg.

Should I Get Insulated Siding?

A big question on homeowner’s minds is whether or not they should install insulated siding. It’s tough to offer a general answer that fits everyone’s needs and budget. The best option is to call REI Roofing at 781.848.1999 for a consultation and find out what’s going to be best for you, your family, and your home.