Location Specific Flash Roofing Basics

Flash roofing is what help protects home and other buildings from leaks. While “flashing” is applied across the entire roof, addition flashing can be required for specific locations as some areas of roofs are more likely to spring a leak than others. Areas where two adjacent slopes meet and areas that protrude from the roof such as chimneys and vents are places where additional coverage is needed. The professionals at REI Roofing are experts in roof flashing, and we wanted to use our industry blog to highlight some of the basics, so our customers have a better understanding! Continue reading to learn more!

Roof Flashing Basics

The “Flashing” as it is called, is generally one of the following materials: plastic, felt, rubber, galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper. This is laid across the entirety of the roof then it is covered by shingles. In the past, rubber and felt where more commonplace but as costs for sheet metal has dropped and since it is more durable, most modern homes or homes that have had their roofs replaced have opted for the galvanized steel or aluminum option.

Location Specific Flashing

Chimney Flashing Basics

As mentioned in the first paragraph, flashing is necessary for areas where opposing or adjacent surfaces come together. A chimney is a perfect example of an area you want properly flashed. In addition to the fact the roof is custom fit around the chimney, the heat from fires in contrast to the cold of winter will naturally warp and change how well the chimney fits the roof. Chimney’s that don’t have flashing is almost always going to eventually spring a leak. Flashing a chimney includes flashing along the bottom, where the chimney and roof meet and up the sides of the chimney (Side flashing) to prevent water from running down the chimney and undermining the base flashing.

Skylight Flashing Basics

Properly flashing skylights is 100% necessary as well. Since skylights are placed on the down slope of a roof, it is prone to having water undermine the flashing as it runs down. The same principles are applied to skylights as they are to chimneys. A properly placed and flashed skylight can make a world of difference in natural light in a home alongside air ventilation. People to this day continue to shy away from installing them due to the old stigma that they are more likely to leak. While this was the case prior to modern roof flashing practices/ technology, REI roofing is expert skylight installation specialists.

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