Looking Back: Siding Trends of 2018

As the year comes to an end and we head into 2019, a lot has happened in the siding industry. As Massachusetts premier roofing and siding experts, we wanted to write a blog highlighting some of the trends we noticed. Additionally, we wanted to explore some trends we expect to see with 2019!

Siding in 2018

We saw the siding industry maintain pace as a growing industry as homes continue to be built throughout the US alongside the renovation industry thriving. Let’s take a look at a few of the trends we noticed over the course of this year!

Light on Dark

The polarizing combination of light and dark siding work to accent each other. This style isn’t limited to just two colors with many homeowners electing to choose white for soffit’s and other trim. The darker siding filling in large portions of the homes siding with the lighter shade of a similar or accenting color filling in other aspects.

Siding made of Steel

Steel siding offers individuals an extremely sturdy siding surface. Siding made from steel is generally recycled from salvage steel reducing its impact on the environment. While the installation of steel siding is something we don’t offer, if you are looking for a steel siding option, we have the capabilities.

Multiple Materials for Siding

We have seen some homes not only incorporating multiple shades or colors of siding to their home but also adding things like brick or layered limestone to its exterior. This provides a modern look to a home and reduces the cookie cutter nature that some neighborhoods tend to have. This will up the curb appeal of your home without a doubt.

Trends we expect to see in 2019!

Trends can be difficult to predict but there are a few things we expect homeowners to move towards in the year 2019.

Dark on Dark

From research on the web, several articles mention the application of dark on dark for siding and trim for a home. This will provide a much more modern look to any home. This style wouldn’t do best for all but ideal for some individuals dream homes!

Bringing back to Classic with a twist

Each year, people want to maintain a homes classic look but still vary it a little. Look for homeowners to elect for classic white colored homes with dark, neutral colors as trim.

Don’t Forget about the Shed and Poolhouse

If the homeowner is looking to re-side their home, they are more than likely in a position to do the same with their sheds or pool house. Providing every building on the property with the same siding and trim projects a sense of completion of the property. Looking to go a little outside the norm? Go crazy with color and design on your shed to make it stand out!

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