Boston MA Siding Job

  • Boston MA Siding Job


Another transformation and happy client in a local Boston neighborhood!

BEFORE: The siding on this home was a discolored tan color, some shingles were green, others were yellow and the trim throughout the house looked non-existent.

AFTER: The homeowner went with new blue shingles, white trim and no more shingles. Along with our suggestions, and their desires, the house came out great!


June, 2017
Boston, MA
New Siding

Client Review

“Dear Nick and everyone at REI,
After an incredibly challenging winter season with the sun just beginning to bring on summer I wanted to send you personal thanks for all the early mornings and long days in Boston working on my unit. I am so in love with my place now and am so thankful every day for the hard-work great communication and commitment of REI for seeing it through. Wishing you a joyful summer!

Thank You, Molly-Boston

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