Quick Vinyl Siding Tips

From being in this industry for over 15 years, we have seen a lot seen a lot of misconceptions from our customers about vinyl siding. Vinyl Siding is used widely across us and is the most used siding option for homeowners. As of 2 years ago, it was reported that over 30% of homes bare vinyl siding and the number was predicted to continue to grow. We here at Residential Exterior Inc. wanted to post a blog on some of the information regarding vinyl siding and its place in the siding market!


In terms of pricing, vinyl is generally the best option regarding “bang for your buck.” Some alternatives to vinyl can cost up to 2.5 times more than vinyl which can significantly add to the total price of a siding job. Vinyl siding can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $8.00 depending on thickness. Thickness, brand, style, and labor cost will all affect the final price.


The thickness of the vinyl siding will truly determine its durability. But, any ‘contractor grade’ siding a professional would install, should hold its integrity throughout its product lifecycle. The thickness can range from around .40” and up to .55” and can withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour. Vinyl siding that is less than .4” is available on the market but are more susceptible to cracking due to weather or general wear and tear. An advantage of vinyl is also its given ability to expand and contract with temperature changes. This prevents cracking from occurring which would require the replacement of said cracked vinyl siding.


Something we see people do all too often is power or pressure wash their vinyl siding. Due to its pliability and it being essentially a finished plastic product, power/pressure washing will increase the likelihood of the siding breaking or coming off with the force of the water. People at times don’t understand how much focused power a pressure washer can produce. If you are looking to give you siding a clean, create a 70/30 mixture of warm water and white vinegar. Using a soft car brush, gently scrub away any dirt or grim on the exterior of your home. If the siding is stained beyond the point where a cleaning doesn’t help, replacing the siding may be in order.

Residential Exterior Inc.

With Vinyl siding being the most popular siding in the market, we have vinyl installation and restoration capabilities. If you have questions regarding vinyl siding options or repair, give Residential Exterior Inc. a call today. Our trained staff is there to answer all your questions regarding your siding options and what options fit your price range and desired style.