New England Winter Roofing Tips

Roofing Winter Tips for New England Homes

New England is known for its harsh winters – and that means extra wear and tear on your roof, especially if it isn’t properly maintained. These are a few tips for keeping your roof maintained during the harsh winter weather to keep it at its peak performance.

Clean your gutters

If you’ve forgotten, be sure to clean your gutters before it gets snowy. If your gutters are full, then it can cause water to back up onto your roof – which can result in damage to your roof, mold, and leaks.

Repair your flashing

You probably already know you need to check your shingles regularly, but have you taken a look at your flashing? Roof flashing is the thin material that is used to steer water away from critical areas such as near a wall or chimney. Flashing is typically made from galvanized steel, and even if it was installed correctly in the first place, it can become damaged or warped over time.

If your flashing isn’t fixed, snow and ice can enter your roof – which is definitely bad news because it can lead to snow and ice in your attic, leaks, mold, and structural problems.

Check your attic ventilation

You may not know this, but your attic’s ventilation and insulation directly impact the performance of your roof. If your attic is not ventilated or insulated well, your roof may be more susceptible to the elements. As you perform roof maintenance, be sure to check your attic as well.

Remove the snow ASAP

Most people just let the snow melt naturally off their roof. But this can actually lead to more damage. In addition to forcing your entire home structure to bear significantly more weight, it also causes your roof to be damp for longer periods, which can damage the structure – causing mold and leaks.

Lastly, when the snow starts to melt and then refreezes, it can create an ice dam. This is where your gutters fill with ice, and then as more snow starts to melt at a faster rate than this ice dam, that standing water stays on your roof. This can also create mold and leaks.

If you cannot remove the snow yourself, or need help performing any of the other checks on this list, consider hiring a professional company to come and do it for you. Call REI Roofing today for your winter roof evaluation.