Siding Damage to look for this Winter

With Fall here and Winter well on its way, we wanted to write a blog on what to look for this winter regarding siding damage. Depending on the quality and abuse your siding has taken in its product life-cycle, this could be the winter you start seeing some damage to your siding. Continue reading this blog to better equip yourself for this winter and what to look for!

Fall Prep

Before it gets too cold and the yard covered with snow, take a walk around your home an assess your current vinyl situation. Any areas you feel that may be susceptible to additional winter damage you will want to take note off. Some things to look for before the winter starts including rotting wooden siding, vinyl that has broken over the summer or fall, or damage caused by animals or pests.

Wood Rot

If you notice any wood on the outside of your home beginning to rot, this will only continue through the winter months. Especially during the beginning of winter when there is potential for rain, snow, or freezing rain, exposed rotting wood will not do well in this environment. If caught quickly, you can replace the rotted section before it continues to spread due to the winter’s month snow and snowmelt.

Vinyl Siding Damage

Did you notice any vinyl siding that has cracked, been warped, or beginning to lose its original color while inspecting your home? Depending on the quality of your vinyl siding, harsh colds and high winds can greatly affect the health of your vinyl siding. Although you may be able to get away with another winter month with the same vinyl siding, when spring comes with its higher temperatures, cracks and warping may increase.

Residential Exterior Siding can help!

If you are nervous about the health of your siding this winter Residential Exterior Siding can help! We would be happy to field calls or evaluations regarding whether to repair or replace your siding either before the winter months come or when spring comes. We look forward to hearing from you and stay warm this winter!