Siding Tips for Winter

Think of siding as your homes outer most layer of insulation. It is important to have your siding in top condition entering the winter months to ensure that your home keeps the cold out and the heat where it belongs: inside your home. While you certainly want to ensure that your siding is fully repaired before the winter months, the steps you’ll need to take depends on what type of siding your home has.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is especially important to install before the winter months begin. Vinyl Siding is particularly susceptible to fluctuation’s in temperature, expanding and contracting with the warmer and cooler weather respectively. Because of this, if you need to make vinyl siding repairs, be sure to do it before the temperature cools too much. Fall is the best time to install because it helps give the siding the room to both expand and contract. If you wait too long and install your siding in the winter, there is a chance that it could crack. To be safe, try to install the siding before the temperature tips into freezing territory.

Wood Siding

If your home has wood siding, it is important to ensure that your gutters are properly caulked before winter begins. As your gutters fill up in the winter time with melting ice and fall debris, they can overflow. When they overflow, if your gutters aren’t caulked to the home properly, water will begin to leak behind the gutters. Since wood is particularly susceptible to water damage, you want to ensure that the overflow can only leak out the front of the gutters.

General Tips

Depending on what type of siding you have, you should be sure to check for either any cracks in your siding. Making these repairs, no matter how minor they may seem, will help insulate your home and cut down on heating costs. For the same reason, you should see if your siding needs to be repainted. A fresh coat of painting on siding can add another layer of insulation. While paint may seem too thin to have any real effect, when properly painted, it creates an extra layer of protection by sealing your siding and helping keep the cold out and the heat in your home.

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