Wasco Skylights Certificate

Wasco Certified Installer

Skylights can absolutely transform a room, building and home and they provide so many benefits. At REI Roofing we have years of experience installing new skylights and have teemed up with Wasco Skylights since recognizing a product that matches the similar skill, elegance, and quality that our contractors behold.

Trust REI For Your Skylights:

While experienced and skilled for years, REI Roofing in 2017 completed a Wasco Skylights Factory Training Program. An improperly installed skylight can lead to leaks, roofing issues and so much more.

Why Wasco Skylights?

Wasco has been building skylights for over 80 years. What REI likes about them is their premium and comprehensive product line which allows us to provide each customer with the latest innovations. Custom Options include:

  • Innovative Architectural Series
  • Broad Color Options

Benefits of Skylights:

  1. Optimal Light Exposure Inside
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Privacy with still getting sunlight
  4. Ventilation/Airflow
  5. Save money with energy bills

For more information about skylights please feel free to reach out to REI Roofing.

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