Roof Snow Buildup

Residential Exteriors urges communities and homes across the state to be aware of snow on flat roofs. Throughout our historic snow fall in the past 30 days, flat roofs are extremely susceptible to collapse. Week after week of snow has left roofs with tremendous amounts of snow.

We continue to see stories on the news about commercial and residential roof collapses. For those of you that are courageous and want to take on this by themselves, the best option may be to use an roof rake. The rake has a long & extended handle which allows you to safely removal snow from the comfort of the ground. Climbing on a roof and removing snow from there is very dangerous. Icy conditions on roofs create situations where people unfortunately fall.

We believe professional services are the most effective and safe solutions for home owners. If you need assistance or would like to schedule an inspection, call 781-848-1999 in Braintree and 617-471-0101 in Quincy.

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