spring roofing

Spring Roofing Inspection

Spring is now officially here and unless your home is under constant shade, the snow should be gone from your roof! With the snow also gone from your yard, you can take a few steps back (avoid the mud) and you can get a good look at your roof. How did your roof hold up during the winter months? We wanted to write a blog highlighting what to look for after the long winter months to ensure your roof is still in working condition!

Gutters and Downspout

Before looking at the shingles themselves, take a detailed look at the gutters and downspouts of your home. While you (hopefully) cleaned your gutters right after fall prior to winter starting, additional leaves or twigs can find themselves in your gutter system. Since spring will be bringing rain, you will want to make sure all that rain goes to the right place. Be sure gutters are cleaned and securely attached to downspouts. After ensuring gutters are properly connected and the gutters are cleaned, be sure water will be led away from the foundation of your home. If needed, you can purchase a downspout extension which leads far enough away to not undermine your home’s foundation. Failing to do so can lead to costly repairs.

Test your gutters and downspouts by placing a hose on the far end of your gutter and turn it on.

Roofing Shingles

Now that you know your gutters and downspouts are in working condition, take a look at the shingles themselves. Check to see if any of the shingles are cracked or out of place. Some may move as the snow from winter melts. If you notice any shingles cracked, deformed, or out of place, it may be beneficial to have a residential roofing professional such as REI come and review your homes roof.

Vents, Chimney’s and Skylights

These roofing features are spots you need to take a closer look. These features are naturally vulnerable to water damage for a variety of reasons one of which is improper installation. Checking these features requires a professional and at times, removing some of the shingles around to assess the damage in more detail. If you suspect the roofing around your roofs vents, chimneys or skylights is damaged, give REI a call today. In the event any of these features experience damage of the winter months, our staff will be able to make repairs once evaluated and explained to the homeowner.

REI: Spring Roofing Inspections

If you noticed any of the roofing features mentioned in this blog experienced damage over the winter months, give the pros at REI a call today. In addition to providing analysis on your roof after the winter months, we will be able to recommend repairs and present multiple options that align with your budget. If you have questions regarding our services, capabilities or the topics covered in this blog, we invite you to call our office or fill out a contact form!