green roofing

What is Green Roofing?

As a leader in the roofing industry, we are always keeping up to date with the direction of trends within roofing. With the consumers becoming more eco-conscious with their purchasing decisions, ‘green roofing’ has begun to make an impact in both residential and commercial roofing. Green Roofing refers to a variety of material used to lessen a buildings carbon footprint. These types can range from actual plant life as part of your roof or the installation of solar panels. We wanted to post a blog on the current trend and some of their pros and cons!

Green Roofing- Plantlife

Roofing has come full circle! When humans first began building more sturdy living structures, they would often interlay big square of moss to not only keep rain out but to also retain heat from their fires. The methods used today are certainly more advanced and you won’t have the possibility of loose soil falling into your kitchen, but in theory, it works the same. The addition of a few inches of soil and plants (usually an assortment of grass or moss) acts as a blanket to the home and adds certainly an eye-catching, fairytale enchantment to any building. The additional plant life helps with absorbing carbon from the environment and can act as a home for insects that are under-appreciated in terms of the role they play in our ecosystem.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is traditionally found in old-school barns or building and there is a reason for that. Due to their durability, this roof style tends to last much longer than some of its competitors. Metal roofing can also help with heating and cooling costs as it doesn’t absorb heat as easily as traditional methods. Additionally, when the metal roofing needs to be replaced it can be recycled, also lowering environmental impact.

The Addition of Solar Panels

As solar capabilities are expanding and becoming more affordable within the consumer market, we see more and more of our clients asking about them. While we are not certified to install these panels, we are more than happy to work with your solar provider to ensure your roofing with be solar compatible. When considering solar, an in-depth look at your roofs natural sunlight exposure is required to get the most out of these panels. When taking a look at the roofs natural lighting, also consider skylights, which we posted a blog about a few months back!

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