Cedar Siding

Why Choose Cedar Siding?

When choosing to upgrade or install siding for your home, where you live and the elements your home will endure should factor into your decision making. Here at Residential Exterior Inc, we not only want your home to look great, we want to make sure the material used will be most effective as it pertains to longevity and retaining heating and cooling. Cedar siding can be the best option for your home depending on location and desired style. This blog is to highlight the reasons we think Cedar siding is a great option when considering new siding!


Cedar siding is a traditional siding option and for good reason. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture which can be the main cause for other sidings cracking, splitting and swelling. With the addition of quality finishing products, your cedar siding can last the test of time if applied correctly and properly maintained. Out of most siding options, Cedar is the most naturally resistant to the elements.

Low impact on Environment

When undergoing major home renovations or construction, considering the environment should be considered. As mentioned above, cedar wood is the most naturally resistant to many of the elements a New England year can through at your home. With this being the case, Cedarwood requires less chemical treating than other siding options. Chemicals used to treat wood can wreak havoc on rivers and streams, and ultimately affecting the oceans they run too if not properly disposed of.


Aside from Cedar’s durability and low impact on the environment, we really enjoy the visual characteristics of a Cedar finish! When unfinished, cedar provides a rustic cape cod feel to a home. If deciding to finish the Cedar, there are several options regarding painting and finishing you can choose from. This allows us to customize the cedar siding to any client’s specifications. Cedar with its natural look, unfinished or finished, also has been known to blend in well with almost any backdrop.

Residential Exterior Inc. can help!

Let Residential Exterior Inc. help with all your siding and roofing needs! We will work with you to provide the most cost-efficient and visually appealing solution for your home! We cover a 40-mile radius around Boston and no job is too big or small! Give our office a call and we will begin learning more about what siding solutions make the most sense for your project. Call 781-848- 1999 to learn more and get started! Also, look here at some of the completed projects we have done in the Boston Area!