Roofing Vent

Why Roofing Ventilation is Important

As a homeowner, one of the easiest things to forget about is your roof. Often, you don’t know something’s wrong with your roof, let alone remember that something can go wrong until it does. The important thing to remember is the key to a well functioning roof: ventilation. Ventilation in a roof allows for airflow to stay clean. It allows good air to flow comfortably, and bad air to escape to the outdoors. Ventilation allows for proper airflow.

Key Functions of Roofing Ventilation

Hot air rises, and your roof is forced to bear the brunt of the indoor conditions, and the outside pressure and weather. That’s a lot of responsibility. Ventilation is key to the process, so here are a few key functions of a well-ventilated roof.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

If your roof is well ventilated, it’s more likely to avoid damage. Poor ventilation means moisture gets trapped in the shingles and roof insulation. That can lead to icing, which deteriorates the entire roof. In the summer, warm air can stay trapped and force you to spend more on energy costs.

Keeping Energy Costs Down

Energy costs are a huge headache for a lot of homeowners. It’s tough keeping your house cool in the summer, and heat is hard to come by in some homes come winter. An issue might be the fact that your roof is poorly ventilated. Proper ventilation allows heat to escape your home so that you don’t have to run the air conditioner all day long. That saves you cash and keeps your home comfortable.

In-Home Comfort

Your home is where you spend most of your time. For that reason, you want it to feel comfortable. A well-ventilated roof allows you the temperature you desire without insanely high energy costs.

Curious about the quality of your roof’s ventilation? Call REI roofing today to get a professional out to your home to ensure your roof isn’t costing you extra, or a problem waiting to happen.