Winter Roofing Preparation Tips

As we learned from Buffalo, NY, the weather this winter is looking to be extremely unpredictable. Though we don’t expect 4 feet of snow to accumulate as fast as it did, we can expect there to be a significant amount of snow this winter in Massachusetts.

By this point, hopefully, you have had your roof professionally inspected for the unexpected New England Weather. If you haven’t, not to worry there is still time. You need to act fast to ensure the weather doesn’t damage or destroy your roofing.

If you notice a defect in your roof, it is important to get that fixed or inspected as soon as possible to prevent a much worse scenario.

Pre-Mature Roof Failure

One of the most common reasons for a pre mature roof failure comes from a combination of the inability to address deficiencies and the sudden change in weather. Leaking and deterioration are early signs of a potential for a roof failure, especially during the winter when the snow is melting and freezing. Having a professional fix what you believe to be a small problem can go a long way to ensuring a major problem does not occur.

Roof Coating

Properly coating and sealing a roof is another excellent way to maintain your room if preformed properly. The professionals at Residential Exteriors Inc. are qualified to apply the necessary sealant and high-quality coatings to ensure your roof is set up for success. However, not all roofs qualify for this coating. If your roof does, it’s an excellent cost-effective method for protection against the elements.

Snow Build Up Plan

Another issue with the winter, the snow! That’s right; as the snow accumulates it can add some serious weight to your roof and cause your roof to collapse. Freshly fallen snow can add nearly 20 lbs. per cubic foot and wet or frozen snow can add nearly 60lbs. per cubic foot.

Make sure you have a proper snow removal plan for this upcoming winter, if you need assistance or would like to schedule a pre-winter inspection call 781-848-1999 in Braintree and 617-471-0101 in Quincy.

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