Wooden Roofing Contractor in Braintree, MA

Wooden ShinglesWooden Shingles provide homeowners a classic and authentic look. While asphalt roofing options tend to be utilized by most homeowners, those who decide on wood often don’t regret the decision. Some may argue other materials are more durable, but if installed correctly, wood shingles can perform just as well as other roofing shingle options that are available today.

Wooden Roofs Throughout Massachusets

You can find wooden shingles throughout the south shore and especially on Massachusetts iconic, Cape Cod. Unlike Metal roofing materials, wooden shingles won’t rust which is great for oceanside communities as the salty ocean breeze can accelerate the rusting process. In addition to eliminating the potential for rust, wooden shingles are great for insulating a roof. Due to woods physical makeup, heat can escape during the summer months and retain heat during the cold winter months.

Wooden Shingles Advantages

From an installer’s perspective, we love working with wooden shingles. Generally, these materials are lighter which makes for easy initial installation. If we need to perform repair work, wooden shingles are also great to work with. Replacing broken or weathered shingles are easier than competing shingle materials due to how the entire roof is installed.

REI Roofing: Wooden Shingle Installation Experts

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